Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Earthly Delights (and some knitting)

 Our summer is finally here after a long wet spring, which I really didn't mind at all.  I don't handle the heat well and raining outside means knitting inside.  The garden is incredibly lush due to no effort on my part at all.  The roses are especially gorgeous this year.

All the hydrangeas in my garden are from clippings that my mother started for me.  The lace-caps are a bit later than the macros so aren't out yet.  The white one is from a clipping she got from the garden of her mother's childhood home in Deal, UK.  She somehow smuggled it back to Victoria in her luggage and got it to root.  When it got to a good size she snipped off a piece for me and it is now (about 15 years later) a fine specimen and a lovely reminder of my mum (and her thieving ways :OD)

~~On the knitting side of life ~~

I finished Slanting Gretel Tee by Petra Manis
in S.R. Kertzer Down To Earth Cotton

and these for my daughter Spring Socks by Eveli Kaur in Noro Kureyon Sock:

And two hats for my nieces in England.  They love them and so does their mother who says she may "borrow" them sometimes:



Happy Summer!



Oiyi said...

Your flowers are spectacular! I have a black thumb so I always envy people who can plant and raise plants well.

Your knitting is always amazing!

We are having a heat wave here and it's unbearable.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your slanting gretel and your fleur so pretty and thankyou for sharing the lovely photo's.Hugs Darcy