Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birth Announcement

After I wrote the previous post I had the cable guy here for some repairs. As he was traipsing through the bush on our property he came across these two new babes. Mum was standing guard about 20 feet away. They were absolutely still, obviously well trained by Mum.

Summer is here - not officially but close enough.

I finished these Queen of Cops socks yesterday. I love knitting socks; I love the small bamboo and rosewood needles in my hands. And I feel very clever juggling 5 needles at once.

We finally seem to have settled into summer-like weather here. The garden is gorgeous with lilac, wisteria, azaleas and rhodos in bloom. Hubby bought me a beautiful hanging basket for Mother's Day. It is huge - full of petunias and daisies busting out of a moss basket. I've got geraniums potted in front, the Stargazer lilies are about five feet tall, Lady's Mantle is everywhere, woolly thyme is spreading across the pathways (smells lovely when crunched). We have a resident raccoon who rambles through every evening. I wonder if it's a she and if we may see babies soon. Lots of deer around including a very pregnant doe. We usually see at least one pair of adorable little fawns each year. The hummingbird feeder is abuzz with Rufous and Annas fighting over space. They are like tiny jet fighters, whizzing by at such a speed I don't know how they keep from crashing into things!

I'm off to Victoria this weekend to visit a very dear friend (since grade 4!) for a couple of days. We share the same obsessions with yarn and fabric so will visit as many shops as we can cram in, have lunch at the Dutch Bakery, I hope, and yak our heads off. It is her birthday in June so I'm going to present her with an early prezzie, the bag pictured. I hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm not sure where to start so maybe I'll go with what is making me happy these days. I just celebrated my 55th birthday - yikes! I have no problem with being 55, it's just that when I say it outloud it doesn't feel right. Ever since turning 50 I get a small shock or jolt whenever I have to tell someone my age. Can I really be 55 when I only feel 30ish? I have this image of myself that doesn't quite match up with the person I see in passing mirrors and windows. That person looks more and more like my mother! Not that looking like my mother is a bad thing, as I always thought she was lovely, it's just that she was a lot older than me. Oh well. I am getting better at accepting the sags, wrinkles, crinkly knees, odd spots, etc. that mark the passage of time.

I have been madly knitting and quilting over the past few months. My most recent finish is a hooded baby cape that should fit Ryleigh this fall and winter. I have also almost completed a cardie for myself, socks, booties. In the quilting department I made a lovely batik quilt for my pseudo-daughter (my daughter's best friend) and another for her mother who turned 60 this month. I quilted some placemats that turned out to be very cool even though the pattern was not ADD friendly and I spent a lot of time taking out seams and re-sewing them.

I think I'll close for now as my tummy is asking for breakfast.