Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Hate Relationship

I groaned when I read that my latest project required me to do a long tail cast on For 264 stitches!!  That is a lot of stitches if you don't pull off enough yarn and have to tear it all out and start again.  I have never had any luck with the instructions that tell you to allow so much per stitch so I usually just wing it.  I usually end up with a long piece of yarn leftover, which bothers me almost as much as coming up short.  Just because I'm anal that way.  

So this time I did not give it any thought whatsoever, pulled off a long strand of yarn and started my cast on.  It got pretty squeaky by the end but take a look at this ~

Yup, three inches.  Absolutely perfect!  This completely satisfies my obsessive nature and has made my day.  I think I'll go alphabetize my stash.