Saturday, December 31, 2011


According to the Mayans I have until December 21st to do all the knitting I ever plan to do.  On this date the calendar simply runs out, resetting to 00/00/00.  Some cheerful folks take this as a doomsday sign.  I, on the other hand, take it to mean that on December 22nd I will be kicking myself for not starting any Christmas knitting.  I did hubby's Cobblestone sweater in ten days this year.  I'm not so sure about the three day time limit though.  That may be pushing it a little.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old Stomping Ground

We went for a walk today through Mack Laing Park which is situated in Comox behind where we used to live.  We spent many, many hours in this park with our dogs while we lived there but have only visited a few times since moving house 20 years ago ~
 A pretty trail leads you alongside and over Brooklyn Creek, a salmon-bearing stream, and down to the ocean ~
Hamilton "Mack" Laing was a local naturalist, artist, author and photographer who donated this house and the property to the Town of Comox in 1973 ~
It is a second-growth forest which, at this time of year, is an abundance of white snowberries, orange wild rose hips and purple salal berries ~
 A forest home, artfully decorated ~
 After we left the park we walked by our old house and saw this little fellow perched on the fence hubby built 27 years ago ~
 I love his little fists.