Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where did summer go?

After that lovely stretch of warm weather last week I have to confess I thought it would last forever. Well, it didn't. The last few days have been downright miserable. Wind and rain and overcast skies - blah. The garden seems to love it though, in fact the whole yard looks green and fresh. There is a lovely little wild rose bush in full bloom at the top of the driveway, the salal has flowered and the brambles add their own special highlight of white blossoms all through the underbrush. I love the new green tips on the branches of the evergreens - they look like little fingers.

I finished a felted tea cozy yesterday (in spite of a migraine - rrrrgh). It was a very easy pattern, the flowers were cross-stitched on after knitting.
It is amazing how a big floppy knitted article can felt down to a solid piece of fabric. Next project will be felted clogs for Braedy. He actually asked me to knit him some slippers last time he was here so I'd better get busy before his next visit!
My son-in-law left for Fiji on Friday for a two month archeological dig. He has taken a field school with him so will be teaching the entire time he's away. He and my daughter study the pottery found in these digs to try and establish a travel timeline of the ancient peoples. They have found shards of pottery up to 3500 years old with distinctive markings that indicate the movements of various indigenous tribes. Very interesting stuff. Meanwhile my daughter and Braedy are left behind as daughter is pregnant, due in September. I'm headed over to visit with them this weekend. They will be coming to stay with us for most of July which will be lots of fun. It always brightens up the house to have Braedy around.