Friday, July 9, 2010

Roses To Jam

This has got to be the quickest, least messy and yummiest jam ever.  The rose above is a lovely fragrant climber.  I made my first batch from a dark red rugosa which produced a gorgeous coloured jam.  They are both delicious - sweet (of course, with all that sugar), fragrant and delicate. 

Norma from Now Norma Knits introduced me to this recipe and has provided a wonderful tutorial on its preparation.  Thanks Norma!


This is the rose I planted when my mum died almost 13 years ago.  It is called Perdita, a lovely name.  The one we planted at my dad's house is equally beautiful and is called Juliette (my name - I'm not at all self-centred - ahem).  I don't have a photo of Juliette but she continues to thrive in spite of being dug up from her original plot and moved into a pot on a patio.


Norma said...

bMmmmm, I can smell and taste it from here! :)

kate said...

I have never tasted rose jam, sounds so elegant!

Oiyi said...

Rose petal jams sound amazing!