Sunday, June 6, 2010

Only a Mother Could Love These Faces

A pair of robins recently nested in one of our clematis vines.  They were right at face level so we could easily look in.  We resisted prying until we saw the parents flying in with worms and insects so we knew the babies had hatched.  Robins don't seem to be too bright when it comes to choosing nesting places.  We have had them in the crook of the drain pipe right outside our front door as well as in the beams right outside a sliding side door.  If there is too much activity human-wise they will abandon the nest, sometimes before it is completed but sometimes after the eggs have been laid.  This was a successful batch of three in spite of the clematis being in the middle of the lawnThey have survived a few mowings of the grass as well as a few days of the grandkids roaring around.  A water balloon fight didn't even seem to faze them.  They are gone from the nest now, into the big wide world.


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kate said...

Great photos! Glad this batch made it.