Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Blues

I seem to have been on a bit of a blue kick with my knitting lately ~~

Woodland Spring Shawl (for a dear friend who is going through a very tough time)

Garden cardi (which I have worn practically every day since finishing)


Anonymous said...

Julie: From the dear friend going through the "tough time" - just know that the 'blues' have not affected me. I feel very uplifted, cared for and honoured to wear something from your 'blue period'.
Love the bottom pair of socks. You will have to wear them with 'shorter' type pants to show off the beautiful work.
How about this fall/winter we take on some sewing/knitting projects.
The knit in yesterdays skirt combined with blue for the yoke and cuffs would make a great tunic from Sally. Just a thought. I have little girls I could sew for, so we could have fun with girls things too! Peg

kate said...

I really really love that cardigan!!