Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nest Beautiful

I thought the birds could use a little help decorating their nests this spring so I pulled apart some bits of yarn for them.  I'll be tickled pink if, when we pull down the bird houses in the fall, we find they made use of my birdie stash!



Anonymous said...

Julie: I have put out yarn and they will pick it up and use it - especially those with an artistic eye! I also put out some batting and I have seen them with a little white 'beard' flying to the house. Sort of look like Santa!
This morning was one of those 'yucky' mornings - nausea and dizziness - but with some Gravol and a snooze, I now feel just fine. The continental knitting Easier to learn a completely new skill than to change an old skill.
Not sure what appointments I will have this wee, so will leave it open until at least Tuesday!


kate said...

Oh I hope they make some and we get to see them!