Friday, June 10, 2011

Camera Fun

I have been having a great time taking photos with my new big-girl camera.  It is a huge learning curve so I'm taking a beginners' DSLR course at the local college.   I went to a fascinating lecture on low-light photography given by Boomer Jerritt the other evening.  Who knew that stars have "trails" and that they orbit (I don't know if that's the right word) around the North Star aka Polaris. If you Google 'star trail photos' you can see a lot of amazing pictures that I can't show you here due to copyright laws.

I can, however, show off a few of my own photos, all taken in Comox, B.C. where I am lucky enough to live ~

 ~ Mount Washington ~

~ Hornby Island as seen from Point Holmes ~

~ Rhododendron ~

~ Lady's Mantle ~
I love how the raindrops sit on the leaves (skirt) like little glass beads

~ gorgeous wool/mohair blend yarn by Leola ~

 ~ Pogona ~

~ Her Royal Cuteness ~
(enough already with the camera, Gramma)

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Anonymous said...

Julie: Love the photos. The camera is certainly making our Valley look wonderful. Her Royal Cuteness is sweet. Love the head band with flower. Have the Fall 2007 IK for you. Peg