Monday, November 22, 2010

Yes, I Feed Them Cheerios!

We have had two resident rabbits for a number of years now.  They periodically "change" ~ we have had a black one and a brown one, a black one and a grey one, and, most recently, these two brown ones.  Cottontails.  One is very tame and comes right to us, the other is a little shy and waits until his/her buddy has approached and he/she knows it is safe.  The different pairs have burrowed in the garden and we have seen a few babies (which are the cutest things) but the hawks soon grab them.  Cruel but necessary, I suppose.

I also put out carrot peelings, broccoli stalks, etc. for them but they prefer Cheerios and crusts of my homemade bread.  Bunnies after my own heart.

The tame one pokes his/her head right in the door ~

It is snowing like crazy right now.  I am not getting out of my jammies today (again).  The bird feeders are full and it is wonderful to watch all the activity.  There are juncos, a flicker (on the suet feeder), a varied thrush, towhees, pine siskins.  I haven't seen any chickadees today.  Perhaps -4C is too cold for them.  I know it is too cold for me.

This is what I will be working on today ~ Kinsol Trestle Vest 


kate said...

I can see the big bank of snow clouds to the south of me, but we have bright sunshine and blue skies to the north and west and overhead. Sigh. No snow for us! (Still really cold, though.)

Love your pics, and your bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is cold and snowy today. I was thinking of you, and wondering if you were caught in a drive up island today.
Nice vest! Peg

Oiyi said... cute! Bunnies that like to eat homemade bread? Be still my heart. Cheerios are popular with children and pets!

AlisonH said...

Absolutely adorable bunnies! And thank you for identifying the flicker; I was wondering what that was. Love the bird photos and am amazed they didn't all flee for our milder climate. I guess I needed to share and not hog them all, huh?