Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK, Back to Knitting

Oh, yes there has been quite a lot of knitting going on....

Some socks: (In Season & Fraggle Squiggle)

Some kid knits: (Ryleigh's Summer Garden tee, Johnny's Sundog, Ryleigh's Watermelon cardie)

Some hats: (Ryleigh's sun hat, Lapita hats for the boys)

And last, but not least, a cardie for me (Something Red for Jules), finished off with a vintage button from Vintage Necessities:


***Check out my ravelry project page for more info on these patterns. I be sewknitful over there too.***


AlisonH said...

Oh, how fun! Look at all those! The little ones are just adorable. (The one time period in my life when I didn't knit was when my kids were babies. I'll make up for it when I get grandkids in a few years.)

Oiyi said...

You knit so beautifully! I am going to check out your Ravelry page.