Sunday, May 16, 2010

England & Wales XOX

Just got back from a wonderful holiday in the UK.  The volcano provided a little excitement on our return journey, causing a two hour wait on the runway then a detour around the top of Scotland and Ireland which added another 45 minutes to the journey.  Those little TV's in the seat backs of the plane are a godsend for passing time. 

Some photos:

Our day in London - iKnits and Liberty House were the highlights.  Also the London Eye, riding the tube, Oxford and Regent Streets.  Definitely need to go back; there is so much to see.

This is the church where we were married, January 3, 1976, Maidenhead.

I travelled off to Wales on my own, by train, and was met by my wonderful hosts (cousin and partner) who greeted me with champagne, cooked delicious meals (lamb, of course, for one), toured me around and were great company.  What more could a girl ask for.


I absolutely love Wales.  There are sheep everywhere (4 sheep:1 human) and little groups of (not very) wild ponies.

Dylan Thomas' house in Swansea.

Ancient castles ~

Wildflowers ~ primroses, violets, cowslips, campions, lady's mantles, yellow iris ~

spectacular beaches ~

and more sheep ~

                        ~~I will definitely be going back to Wales~~


kate said...

OH, I have to get to Wales!! We loved England, especially London, but your pictures have convinced me that we must see Wales. So glad you had a wonderful trip!

Unknown said...
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